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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Holy Week and Easter Celebrations

Jesus is risen! He is alive! The Easter message is powerful, and it never gets dull. Eagle Ford Church celebrated Easter and Holy Week in two meaningful ways this year. The Wednesday of Holy Week, Chaplain Berkesch hosted a Seder meal: a Jewish tradition celebrated in remembrance of the Passover with a messianic overtone. As Christians, the meal holds special meaning for us as we thank Jesus for His great sacrifice on the cross and anticipate His second coming. Eagle Ford Church members tasted the six symbolic elements on the Seder plate, such as horse radish root and bitter herbs, and learned about their meaning. Then a traditional meal was shared, featuring lamb, soup, an apple matza bake, glazed carrots, and a sponge cake. Recitations and readings kept the members involved throughout the whole meal. It was a very peaceful, meaningful evening and a wonderful way to share the Easter message. Eagle Ford Church also hosted an Easter egg hunt at the local park, where children scouted out an abundance of colorful eggs and learned about Jesus and heaven. The parents enjoyed watching their children during the hunt and were thankful for the fun, wholesome activity. We were thankful to have connected with the families and blessed the children with a fun morning. Our goal is to keep in touch with the families and invite them to future family ministry happenings – a chance to continue sharing the powerful message of our risen Lord. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Baptism is a Gift

Through the relationships that Chaplain Berkesch builds with the members of the fire department, he offers to baptize them and their families and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. One member recognized the importance and blessing of this gift. Last Saturday, he brought his family to the fire department to be baptized. Chaplain Berkesch prepared a small service for them and the mother and her two children were adopted into God’s family and washed clean of sin in the water and the Word of God. What a blessing! We are praising God for the faith of this firefighter and for his family and the miracle God has worked in them through the gift of baptism. The family was very grateful. We pray that their relationship with Jesus will continue to strengthen, and that more families will come to be baptized as well. God is at work in the hearts and minds of people here and we know He will do great things now and in the future.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Review of Year Two

The Eagle Ford Chaplain Corps is nearly two years old! As we welcome 2016 with the excitement and anticipation of a new year, we are thankful for what God unfolded in this ministry in 2015. Here are just a few ways God blessed the ministry last year.
-          Two people confirmed their faith in Jesus and joined our Eagle Ford Church family.
-          Two people were baptized and adopted into God’s family.
-          One person was blessed and sent as a missionary to our community.
-          A new women’s bible study was created.
-          Relationships with the members of the volunteer fire department have deepened.
-          A door for outreach was opened wide at a local men’s nursing home.
-          Children heard about Jesus at the library.
-          New people moved to our community and inquired about the ministry.
-          Jesus’ Gospel message was shared with countless individuals throughout the year.
We are so thankful to be a part of all that God is doing here in Karnes County and are tackling our outreach efforts with renewed enthusiasm in 2016. God’s plans for the growth of this ministry will expand beyond our insight as He continues to be faithful to His children; softening hearts and preparing people to hear the greatest message they’ve ever known. Thank you for reviewing year two and sharing in our excitement in the new year in ministry to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Giving Thanks Together This Christmas

Eagle Ford Church celebrated Thanksgiving this year with worship and a meal. Nine people enjoyed traditional food favorites as well as conversation, fellowship, and worship of thanksgiving to God for His mighty deeds and blessings. Thanksgiving is not a traditional Christian holiday, but it is certainly a perfect opportunity to share the gift of food and family with others and to thank God for all His provisions. Thanksgiving weekend is like a grand entrance to the excitement and joy of the Christmas season, which is now in full swing. Eagle Ford Church is celebrating Advent now, the church season in which we remember the coming of Jesus as a baby in Bethlehem, but look forward to Jesus coming to the earth again to bring all believers to live forever in heaven with Him. It is a time of great anticipation, and our church family is energized and eager to share the beautiful Christmas story with people in our community. There will be more worship celebrations, meals, caroling, kid’s crafts at the library, and fellowship. We are so thankful to share in the blessing of Jesus’ birth with everyone and to tell it to anyone who has not yet heard it before. We are giving thanks this Christmas season for Jesus’ birth long ago and also His second coming. We are thankful for our little church and the growth that has happened this past year. And we are thankful for our community and pray that Jesus would continue to guide our ministry efforts and would open hearts to His great Gospel truth.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finding a Need; Filling a Gap

Sometimes a beneficial way to connect with people is to discover an area in their life where there is a need and to try to fill that need. The Eagle Ford Chaplain Corps has discovered a few needs in Kenedy. One example is all the new residents moving to town who may need some help acclimating. One way the ministry can try and fill this need is by providing resourceful information for them as well as by offering kindness or a helping hand. The Eagle Ford Chaplain Corps created a brochure for new residents that will be placed in the chamber of commerce. The brochure offers information about becoming a Texas resident, where the nearest metropolitan cities are, helpful hints about life in Kenedy, as well as contact information for the Eagle Ford Chaplain Corps. We hope that new residents will find the information helpful and hope that they feel welcome to contact us with any needs or questions that they might have. Another example of a need centers on the volunteer fire department. Chaplain Berkesch has been a member for many months now and is fostering wonderful relationships with his fellow volunteers. Many of them have shown a great interest in spiritual guidance. As a way to meet this desire, Chaplain Berkesch has made many personal visits with the members and would like to host a men’s devotional group at the department once or twice a month. Many of the men have wives and children and some of the ladies have shown an interest in fellowship. One thing we can do is have a mom’s group for the ladies and include prayer and Christian fellowship. We pray that the Lord would lead us to discover the best way to minister to these people and that He would prepare their hearts to hear His blessed Word.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pocket Church

In the entry “Ministry Multiplication,” we shared how God raised up another leader within our church community to help us in our outreach adventure in this oil field community. Now baptized and confirmed, this individual is set on a mission to reach people with the Word. The new leader hands out Bibles, talks to individuals in the grocery store, prays for people, and has already started another Bible study group. This disciple is bringing more people to hear the Gospel with the creation of this new group, and Eagle Ford Church is continuing to grow. Our church is made up of little “pockets” like this new one: a group of people coming together to learn about God’s Word and receive the blessings of grace and love found in Jesus. Regular worship services are not a part of our schedule yet. There isn’t a youth group or children’s church. We have faith that these things will come in God’s time – He is growing the ministry in amazing ways already! Perhaps more groups or “pocket” gatherings of people will start up this year. Maybe God will lead this church to start a children’s program. Perhaps even another leader will be raised up. We don’t know yet, but God does. Praise the Lord for His almighty work! We look forward to sharing what the next chapter will be in this mission adventure.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Celebration of Faith

Eagle Ford Church celebrated with two individuals who confirmed their faith in Jesus and were formally welcomed into the Eagle Ford Church family. One of them was also baptized, receiving God’s forgiveness of sins and His promise for eternal life as a child of God. Friends came to rejoice with these individuals as they confessed their faith before God. After the service a lunch was shared at a nearby restaurant. It was a very exciting day for our little church! Jesus is bringing more people to His church. He wants His kingdom to expand and grow, and this service was a celebration of that work. Eagle Ford Church is growing and we know that in God’s time and with His direction, our faith family will continue to expand; growing in the Word together and helping to reach others with the blessed message of the Gospel of Jesus. We see Jesus at work in our community every day. He is softening hearts and readying people to hear his Word and learn more about Him. We know that exciting things are in store for this church and ministry as Jesus leads the way. Praise the Lord! God is good. We look forward to more confirmations and more baptisms as Jesus’ word spreads throughout the county and beyond!